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Visionary Project

Collaborative engagement, the impact of social media and the development of truly personalised learning should be transforming the way that we work.  All too often however individual schools lack the expertise or time to drive forward change.

This is particularly important for the Alternative Provision Sector serving our most vulnerable young people. where staff so often work in isolation.


I believe passionately in the power of both collaboration and the largely untapped potential of new technology.

If groups of schools, Educational Trusts or partnerships are serious about effective collaboration then I will offer heavily discounted support to help these groups establish links and methodologies that are likely to lead to success.


My experiences championing the Visionary Science groups in Southampton and leading the IOW in future technology have provided invaluable learning experiences that can be brought to support any group wishing to be at the vanguard of this revolution in learning.  If you are interested in our latest venture, The Visionary Project,  then please get in touch.


New technology and the access people have to information is making us all far more accountable for quality.  More and more of what we do will be visible to the wider community and comparisons will be all too evident.  Providers (locally, nationally and internationally) that recognise the opportunities and the benefits afforded in the 21st Century will be the benchmark against which all others will be measured.

In the next few weeks we will be launching the Visionary Project and the Template Factory

Come and join us when it is ready.