The Rainbow Grid

This sheet shows us how students progress over the course of 12 Years of formal education.

  • We have children who “excel” (Exceeding - usually the top 25%)

  • We have children who "make the standard"  (Expected - usually around 75%)

  • We have children who are working towards the standard (Emerging – usually the lower 25%)

If we further break down these 3 groups we can make 9 Bands

Rainbow Bands.JPG

These bands can be best illustrated in flight paths

  • You can pickup a copy of the rainbow grid here and see a zoomable version here

  • This ties into the Progression Lines and core learning principles of work supporting alternative provision.

  • If you would like the full set of rainbow grids / CPD and support then please contact Eugene Brunet

This can be expanded to show progress by term that allows us to plot progress of children coming at any time in the year