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Leadership Support - Assessment and Tracking

I have 25 years' experience leading on assessment and tracking. This passion for effective tracking and integration of assessment with learning and the diverse communication needs of school leaders ensures that we provide tailored solutions that evolve with the needs of the settings we support. 

We are all about saving you time and improving quality.

We are so confident that we can achieve this that we ask you do not pay us until this is the case.


Prisum USPs in this area include:-

  • Integrating assessment with learning in the highest quality user friendly tailored solutions.

  • The highest quality INSET and coaching that empowers staff in their respective roles.

  • Bespoke solutions that save time and improving quality.

  • Providing evidence of the quality progress we all know exists but is often very difficult to demonstrate.

  • Providing quality resources that support communication both within the educational setting and with its stakeholders.

This experience combined with the privilege of working with over 350 different schools and Alternative Educational Providers has resulted in an accumulation of skills impossible to acquire when working solely in one school at a time. 

Skills and Experience

  • Quality assurance that really makes a difference.

  • Supporting in-class assessment for learning with the full range of educational professionals.

  • Extensive skills and experience in Excel analysis database design.  

  • Building bespoke database solutions where appropriate.

  • Quality understanding of SIMS training and developing staff.

  • Developing tailored solutions that reduce workload and improve quality

See our assessment pages for details

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