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Leadership Support - Alternative Provision

In the last 8 years I have had the privilege of supporting Alternative Education Providers around the country.

The work arose because of the complexity and challenge involved in assessment in the sector, and the lack of national data to allow providers to benchmark. Providers have historically found it difficult to provide evidence of student progress during their enrolment, which may be due to a number of factors:

  • Children arrive midway through a Term / Year / Key Stage

  • They often arrive at a period of crisis / personal challenge

  • They may be dual role / single role or even guest students

  • They may stay 2 days / 12 weeks / for the duration.

Prior data is often:-

  • Incomplete / unavailable.

  • Confusing as each school does its own thing now that we have moved from "levels"

  • Very unreliable due to factors such as time out of school.

Working with providers within the sector, I have created a number of resources and strategies to provide the following support:

  • Quick and reliable assessment strategies that allow us to "baseline assess" students very quickly. - See Progression Lines

  • Reliable methods to set targets and expectations even for short stays - See Rainbow Grids

  • Quality evidence-based analysis that supports school improvement - See Data Tracking and Analysis

  • Reliable bench-marking - See Data Pioneer Group

  • Professional Support and Challenge - Contact Eugene Brunet

All of these resources will be tailored to your individual needs, (see Bespoke Solutions)

I am very conscious that there is no 'one size fits all' solution to the challenges faced by different providers.