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At the start of my career I expected to have a fairly standard progression, eventually reaching Senior Leadership before retiring quietly having supported my own students to the best of my ability.


Little did I know that I would have the privilege to work on all sides of educational leadership in a dramatically diverse range of learning establishments. See Eugene Brunet and CV on LinkedIn

  • Being the school leader in very challenging situations helps develop resilience and the ability to prioritise effectively.

  • Working as the school improvement professional for Local Authorities helps develop excellent analytical and communication skills as well as providing the opportunity to share best practice in ways the school-based leader can only dream.

  • Being a school improvement professional supporting the diverse community of Alternative Providers helps you understand learning and the pressures on our young people that no-one in mainstream can even imagine. 

  • Being the coordinator of the Data Pioneer Group has helped me have a unique perception of Alternative Provision In the UK

  • Supporting 300+ schools and being a governor for one of the few remaining grammar schools has allowed me appreciate the full range and diversity of schools and settings by putting the highest attaining settings against those with the most challenge.

"The main mark of effective leaders

is how many effective leaders they leave behind"

Michael Fullen

This quote and similar has been my driver for leadership since I first came into education.   

I see my role as a school improvement adviser to empower everyone I work with so that they develop their skills and understanding to become outstanding leaders of learning in their own right.  The best way to make a difference is to empower others to make a difference themselves.