The Data Pioneer Project

Unlike mainstream schools, alternative providers have no real bench-marking to help with self evaluation.

In addition to this, as the sector tends to seriously under-perform there are inevitably pressures to justify the differences.

A few years ago a small number of volunteer Alternative Education Providers courageously shared their Y11 data as part of a pioneer collaboration project.

  • All data was shared anonymously.

  • All sharing met GDPR regulations.

  • This resulted in a very useful report and subsequent publications linking national data sources with the data Pioneer Findings.

The core objective of the group was to support school improvement and not to be judgemental.

The full report is shared within the group and with trusted partners.    

you can pick up the main spreadsheet and other updates here with the password You will need to download

If you want to get involved or would like a copy then please contact Eugene Brunet

The sections of the report are set out below but see also 

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