Alternative Provision Networking

During this difficult time we are holding a short series of support meetings to ensure that we keep ourselves informed and talking to eachother.   The prime foci are obviously Covid 19 support and the Exam submission

​A Zoom Meeting will be held On the 10th July 10am

  • This will cover KS4 Exam Results Day and the Data Pioneers

  •  Please email us if you would like to join.

Year 11 Exam Results Day

​A Zoom Meeting will be held

  • on the 10th July 10am

email if you want to join us

  • The agenda will be a how you can save time on results day

  • Quality Outputs for the first day of term etc

  • The Data Pioneer Project Intro / integration.  (This will be mainly a follow up Zoom Meeting)

Y11 grades.JPG
Assessment in APs

Clearly in current lock down we have to be inventive. 


If you would like to join in the CPD currently being offered then please contact us.



If you would like any on line CPD for any other aspect of our work please contact us.