Bloom's Taxonomy

The core of progression in learning is the development of skills. 

There are lots of models for this but perhaps the most important with respect to examinations is embedded in Bloom's Taxonomy.


If you look at enough GCSE papers then there is a pattern that is consistent in every subject.

  • Knowledge = Grade 1+   Simple recall / or core KS2/KS3 knowledge achieved by 96% of Y11.

  • Comprehension = Grade 2/3

  • Application = Grade 4+   Application of KS4 knowledge achieved by 70%+ of Y11.

  • Analysis = Grade 5/6+    Multi-step application achieved by 50%+ of Y11.

  • Synthesis = Grade 7+     

  • Evaluation = Grade 8/9  Complex evaluation (not simple criticism) achieved by 10%+ of Y11


This allows us to put "The Progression Lines" together and this links up the learning to The Rainbow Grid.

Progression Lines 3.JPG