Bespoke Solutions

Years working in a wide range of very challenging settings both directly and more recently in a consultancy role has resulted in a rare combination of a deep understanding of the need for tailored solutions, combined with the ICT skills to make it happen.

We now develop analytical spreadsheets and data strategies for Alternative Education Providers around the country.

These are just some of the screenshots from the sheets - they are fully interactive  and I am happy to demonstrate them.

This is a new website and we will shortly have small video clips of them in action.


Variety of Output

Menu screens like the one above link to a range of outputs all of which can be adapted to your own setting and all of which are linked to the principles behind the rainbow grid and the expected rates of progress linked to that pathway.

Progress EMS.JPG
From Baseline

Progress from baselines can be analysed against vulnerable groups or any other factor.

KS2 Vs Rainbow.JPG
Conversion Rates
From Prior Data

Conversion rates allows us to compare with both national data and with baseline measures.

Targets & Progress
by Student

A variety of student centric outputs can then be used to support learning and communication